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27. und 28. November 2024, Bilbao

ADLIFE Abschlusskonferenz

  • Partner-Veranstaltung

Equitable, integrative, and value-driven health transformation

In an era where healthcare faces unprecedented challenges, the deployment of transformative digital health solutions presents immense opportunities. Yet, on this journey towards digitally-enabled integrative and value-driven transformation, how do we overcome potential barriers, from fostering adoption to ensuring inclusive and equitable scaling up of solutions? Join this i~HD / ADLIFE conference and discover how to leverage digital innovations to create resilient and efficient health systems and how to improve quality of life in the management of long-term conditions.

The EU-funded ADLIFE project will, by the end of November 2024, have concluded by demonstrating how its innovative digital toolbox can help provide personalised, integrated, and outcome-based care targeting the empowerment and quality of life of elderly patients with advanced chronic diseases.

ADLIFE consortium partner and multi-stakeholder organisation i~HD champions better use of health data and catalyses change and innovation in healthcare by connecting all health players to share expertise and co-create solutions.

By inviting several other European digital health innovation projects, participants in this conference will benefit from a rich input integrating the perspectives of a broad range of speakers.

The conference themes will include:

  • The urgent societal need for digital transformation
  • The essential ingredients for adoption and benefits
  • Implementing transformative solutions
  • Inclusive and equitable scaling up
  • Transformative change to deliver value and resilience

ADLIFE’s contribution will help consolidate all of these themes from the perspective of digitally-supported integrated care for patients with long-term conditions.

Practical Information

  • Date: 27 November, 9:00 AM to 28 November 2:00 PM
  • Venue: Bilbao Exhibition Centre, Ronda de Azkue 1 48902 Barakaldo
  • Participation in the event is free, but registration is compulsory before 20 November 2024 or until we reach the maximum allowable number of attendees.
  • We invite you to extend your networking activity with a guided tour of Bilbao followed by dinner at Yandiola restaurant on the evening of the first day. Please note that a paid reservation is necessary to attend this social activity.

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