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12. April 2019

OptiMedium April 2019

In this issue you will get an idea of how busy the last six months were for OptiMedis. Apart from the implementation of our population-based integrated care contracts in a third region in Germany, we receive queries for support from further countries including France and Switzerland. We are also pleased to report on the progress in the COMPAR-EU project and to introduce you to the doctoral students of the Marie-Curie Training Network HealthPros.

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Dear Readers, dear Friends,

The last six months again have been a very busy period for OptiMedis. We are starting the implementation of our population-based integrated care contracts in a third region in Germany and have also expanded internationally with the setting up of OptiMedis Belgium. The fact that we receive queries for support from further countries including France and Switzerland shows that our evidence-based model is applicable to a wide range of health systems. In fact, the need for better alignment of prevention and health care is a common challenge in many countries experiencing the triple burden of an aging population, increase in chronic diseases and rising health care costs.

We are convinced that the combination of best evidence and local insight provides the best formula to improve the quality of life, quality of care and contain costs. However, this also requires an active role of citizens and patients. In this issue, we are pleased to report on the progress of the COMPAR-EU project assessing and implementing the evidence for self-management and shared decision-making. Evidence is also a theme for two projects looking at avoidable hospital admissions for nursing home residents for nursing home residents and our analysis of regional variation for care dependency based on national data from one of the largest statutory health insurance companies in Germany.

Finally, we are delighted to lead the workpackage on the governance of health systems in the Marie-Curie Training Network HealthPros. Read more about the work of two of our doctoral students from the network in this issue.

I hope you enjoy this update on our work and look forward to hearing from you.

Oliver 1


Oliver Gröne, PhD
Vice Chairman of the Board




Complete issue as PDF file



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About OptiMedis and our projects


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Health Data Analytics


Improved drug therapy for the elderly – The FORTA principle

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Care home residents in hospitals – which cases can be avoided?

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News from Integrated Care


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At a glance


A bi-national conversation recorded in video: Development and scaling of integrated care systems in Germany and Great Britain, using the example of “Gesundes Kinzigtal”

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OptiMedis alongside the Strasbourg Eurometropolis and the region Pays de Saverne in France (Alsace)

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OptiMedis supports the region of Simmental and Saanenland in Switzerland in defining their future health and care provisioning

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Digital & Health Innovation Centre – Translating innovations into routine care provision

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