OptiMedis supports the region of Simmental and Saanenland in Switzerland in defining their future health and care provisioning

SwitzerlandOptiMedis is helping to create a first showcase for regional integrat-ed healthcare in Switzerland. Photo: pixabayMany people might know Gstaad as a blooming resort attracting more than 40.000 tourists per year mostly in the winter season in to the region. However healthcare for its 17.000 and inhabitants is currently at a challenge. The hospital is unprofitable and has reached its end of life needing significant investments to keep up service. A significant number of GPs in the region are at retirement age and the region is failing in attracting young professionals to fill up the growing gap. A newly designed integrated healthcare campus at Zweisimmen, with a 24×7 access point, bringing together in-patient as well as out-patient services, GPs, a pharmacy and a comprehensive care giving organisation combined with a satellite ambulatory care network in Saanen has been selected as the new organisation model for securing healthcare requirements in the future. The financing of the future model remains a challenge. OptiMedis has brought in its entrepreneurial expertise in creating integrated health and care networks as well as its unique shared savings concept to create a self-sustainable integrated care model. Together with the health insurances the Kanton Bern and the region of Simmental and Saanenland, OptiMedis is helping to create a first showcase for regional integrated healthcare in Switzerland.