A new health network is being formed as a result: A spirit of optimism in the Werra-Meißner district

Auftakt GWMKA launch event with 150 interested local players from the health and social services sector was held at the beginning of the year. Photo: OptiMedisThe establishment of our new health network “Gesunder Werra-Meißner-Kreis” in Hesse (on which we reported) is making good progress. A launch event was held at the beginning of the year, to which the response was enormous. 150 local players from the health and social services sector came to the city of Eschwege to find out about the possibilities of cooperation.

Talks are currently taking place with the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs for funding, and although we expect the project to only start getting properly underway in Spring, the first offers are already coming in. These include quality circles, workshops and interprofessional prevention and care solutions. One particular area of focus is interprofessional cooperation. So, for example, we want to take regional healthcare professionals, such as physician assistants, pharmaceutical technical assistants, nurses, and therapists, and train them to become health coaches who can advise the public on health issues. A further project involves students in the last phase of their training. We want to school these students in interprofessional cooperation in relation to both the outpatient and the inpatient sector. Together with various universities and other partners under the title “IMAGINE”, an application will be submitted for funding from the innovation fund, and the project will be put to the test in the Werra-Meißner district.

The partners with whom we are currently already collaborating can be seen in the following graphic:

partner wmk