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ICIC16 – 16th International Conference on Integrated Care, 23-25 May 2016, Barcelona

A Movement for Change: Enabling People-Centred and Integrated Health and Social Care

The conference will bring together researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care. They will share experience and the latest evidence about integrating Public Health, Health and Social Care and the New roles and Possibilities for Hospitals, producing Positive and Curative Integrated Mental and Physical Care, mobilising key enablers like policy making and Mobile and Digital Health Solutions, and investment in an Integrated Care Workforce, clinical leadership and coproduction with individuals, careers, communities and populations.

More than 5 colleagues of OptiMedis and Gesundes Kinzigtal will be there and several workshop presentations and a keynote are planned. Please give us a note, if you are interested to meet with us there.

The Conference is a partnership between The International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC), PIAISS of the Catalan Government, Hospital Clinic Barcelona (HCB), Forum ITESSS and the Tic Salut Foundation.

Key Themes

     Integration Across the Care Continuum: Improving Population Health

     Tackling the Challenge of Mental Health

     Advancing People-Centred and Integrated Care

     Enabling Integrated Health and Care: Removing Barriers, Encouraging Adoption

     The Strategic use of Mobile and Digital Health and Care Solutions

Deadline für Early bird registration

31. December

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