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German-Russian Conference in Hamburg: Value-based Healthcare for Regions

Petersburger DialogIn a joint project with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and the Hamburg Cooperation Network for Healthcare Research (HAM-NET), OptiMedis AG organized a conference on the topic “Value-based Healthcare for Regions”, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. The topic is part of the Petersburg Dialogues, which oversaw the establishment of the Working Group on Health for the regular exchange of German and Russian experts and multipliers from the healthcare sectors.

Value-based health care claims to deliver a health care that is beneficial to (i.e. „value“) both for patients and society and aims at measuring this effect. This conference aimed at an advancement of this concept with a strong focus on population-oriented medical services. Medicine may no longer provide the best possible treatment when it comes to illness. Optimal health care will be more responsible for a population-based promotion of health competencies in order to prevent diseases and chronification processes as well as to strengthen involvement of patients in care processes. Regional entities provide a favourable basis for these improvements: similar circumstances of living, a manageable number of clinicians and other medical professions, as well as medical institutions, communities as elected bodies enable the most effective interventions.

The bilateral meeting brought together 50 participants from Russia and Germany. Both sides expressed their satisfaction with the intensive exchange of expertise. It became clear that the topics, challenges and progresses in both states are much more similar than originally thought. A continuation of the Working Group on Health is planned.

A detailed conference report will be published on our website soon.

The Petersburg Dialogue

The Petersburg Dialogue, established as a German-Russian discussion forum in 2001, promotes communication and open dialogue between Russia and Germany. Each year their annual meeting addresses social issues. The backbone of the Petersburg Dialogue is ten topic-specific working groups which promote an additional exchange of expertise. Through the involvement of central institutions and non-governmental organizations, the working group meetings offer further possibilities for strengthening existing networks, as well as for the development of new concepts and specific project ideas. The Petersburg Dialogue is funded by political and private foundations, the respective federal governments and commercial enterprises of both countries.