• Pimperl, A., Hildebrandt, H., Gröne, O., Schulte, T., Meyer, I., Wetzel, M., Udayakumar, K., Gonzalez-Smitz, J., Kadakia, K., Thoumi, A. (2017). Case Study: Gesundes Kinzigtal Germany. Accountable Care in Practice: Global Perspectives. Duke University’s Robert J. Margolis,, MD, Center for Health Policy. Link
    Our well-known patient-oriented care model Gesundes Kinzigtal has been selected by Duke University and the Commonwealth Fund as an international best practice case for Accountable Care. The case study is part of the Accountable Care in Practice: Global Perspectives series, which explores how organizations across the world have taken steps to improve health outcomes by adopting accountable care policy reforms within diverse organizational and environmental contexts.
  • Pimperl, A., Schulte, T., Mühlbacher, A., Rosenmöller, M., Busse, R., Gröne, O., Rodriguez, H. P., Hildebrandt, H. (2016): The German Model: Measuring the Impact of Accountable Care Organizations on Population Health. Accountable Care News. December 2016. Link pdf-file.
    A major challenge to establishing the evidence base for the impact of ACOs on population health is the absence of a theoretically grounded, robust, operationally feasible, and meaningful research design. In this paper an international group of scientists worked with us to elaborate a routine data based evaluation study design, provide an empirical example (evaluation of Gesundes Kinzigtal), and discuss considerations for generating the evidence base for ACO implementation.