ICIC17: Delivering Change that matters to People

DublinOver 1.100 researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world met in Dublin.

This year the International Foundation of Integrated Care (IFIC) in partnership with the Health Service Executive (HSE) invited to Dublin, where the 17th International conference on Integrated Care “Building a platform for integrated care: delivering change that matters to people” took place in association with 5th World Congress on Integrated Care (WCIC5) from 8 to 10 May 2017.

The conference attracted over 1.100 researchers, clinicians and managers from around the world who are engaged in the design and delivery of integrated health and social care and shared their practical experience and scientific insights about integrating Public Health, Health and Social Care. OptiMedis and Gesundes Kinzigtal also had a big contribution. In total, we had six presentations (click here to take a look at our topics).

The developments in Germany in our long-term success model Gesundes Kinzigtal and the newly started Integrated Care Project “Billstedt-Horn” in a deprived urban area in Hamburg, as well as a look towards the US experience with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) drew a big audience into our sessions and stimulated lively discussions. A common lesson learned was that although our health care systems may seem very different in detail, there are still a lot of common problems around the integration of care. There was a mutual understanding that there are great opportunities to learn from each other. Alexander Pimperl, who hosted a session with colleagues from Australia, France and the UK, who studied US ACOs and reflected the lessons learned on their home countries, summarizes the session: “Although the US experiences with ACOs show mixed results on quality and cost outcomes so far on the whole, there are great best practices to learn from. And the whole policy shift in the US from volume to value based remuneration, shows how fast a system can be redirected and incentivized to invest in population-based, integrated care with the aim to provide better care and better health in a cost efficient way, if there is a clear policy signal.”

This year a big focus was put on patient oriented integrated care. Next year the ICIC conference will go a step further and look at an important driving factor to produce value for populations: investment in integrated care. We are looking forward to an inspiring conference in 2018. As Helmut Hildebrandt, Chairman of the Board of OptiMedis, concludes: “The ICIC conferences always instills such a special energizing mood, that gives you fresh ideas and power to tackle difficult tasks back in practice”.

The 18th International Conference of integrated Care will take place in the Netherlands, May 2018.

IFIC Appoints New Executive Board

Two weeks ago, IFIC celebrated its 17th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC17) in Dublin, Ireland on 8th to 10th May 2017. Co-hosted by the Health Services Executive in Ireland, the event attracted some 1200 delegates from 54 different countries with over 3,500 persons attending via the live stream. During its Annual General Meeting, the Board at IFIC appointed its new Executive Board representatives for the next 3 years.

IFICboardf.l.t.r. Dr Nick Goodwin, Dr Albert Alonso, Professor Guus Schrijvers, Professor Mirella Minkman and Dr h. c. Helmut Hildebrandt.

The appointees were as follows:

  • Dr Albert Alonso, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, Chair
  • Professor Mirella Minkman, Vilans, The Netherlands, Vice-Chair and Secretary
  • Dr h. c. Helmut Hildebrandt, OptiMedis and Gesundes Kinzigtal, Germany, Treasurer (re-appointed)

The IFIC Board also gave a vote of thanks to Professor Guus Schrijvers, who stepped down from his role as IFIC Chair after six years. As the co-founder of IFIC in 2011, and the founder and first editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Integrated Care in 2000, a gift of appreciation was presented to Professor Schrijvers by the new Executive Board during the conference dinner.

Dr Nick Goodwin, IFIC’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “Over the last year our Foundation has grown in strength financially as our international membership and work activities have grown. Here in Dublin we have celebrated our largest event so far and significant momentum for change has been generated. In the coming years there will be many new and exciting opportunities for IFIC to work with its members and partners internationally, and I look forward to rising to the challenge that represents. I very much look forward, then, to working with the newly appointed IFIC Executive Board, and all IFIC’s staff and associates, in the future.”

About IFIC

IFIC is a not-for-profit educational membership-based network that crosses organisational and professional boundaries to bring people together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice. The Foundation’s goal is to provide a unique forum to bring these various perspectives together with the ultimately aim of improving the experience of care for patients, their families and communities, while improving the overall effectiveness of health and care systems. OptiMedis AG is represented by Dr h. c. Hildebrandt in the IFIC, he is a member of the Executive Board.

Further information about IFIC’s objectives and the possibility to become a member you can find here.