New EU Research Project: HealthPros

We are thrilled that we were awarded a prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant by the European Commission. This grant under the EU Horizon 2020 scheme will establish a training network of 13 doctoral students in the field of health care data science and performance improvement.

In modern health systems, the amount of available data is frequently fragmented and not fully utilized. The knowledge necessary to use such data for improving and developing quality strategies is often dispersed among different academic sectors, resulting into job profiles that are often mono-disciplinary and not tailored to the needs of policy makers and health system administrators. Internationally, there is an urgent need for professionals that can bring multidisciplinary expertise from areas eg medicine, social sciences, computer science and health policy. To make sure that such professionals can be more easily recruited in the future, we have specifically conceived an advanced training plan.

HealthPros (“Performance Intelligence Professionals”) is designed to train a new generation of international analysts that will be able to systematically link health data and strategic planning decisions. Through a new discipline of “Performance Intelligence in Health”, HealthPros will expand the breadth of human resources that can be employed by research institutions, private companies and government institutions, to turn health information into actions aimed at continuously improve health systems and services.

The training network will bring together leading academics in the field of data science and health care performance assessment and improvement, as well as a wider immersion community, including health insurance companies, national and regional agencies, multi-national consulting and pharma companies. HealthPros is led by Professor Niek Klazinga from the Department of Social Medicine, University of Amsterdam; Dr Oliver Groene from OptiMedis AG is the co-IP of the project, leader of the work-package on „governance mechanisms for performance improvement“ and responsible – in collaboration with Professor Jonas Schreyögg from the Hamburg Center for Health Economics – for the supervision of two doctoral students.