OptiMedis Nederland: Nearly 1 million euros shared savings by Longzorg Nijkerk

The Nijkerk Health Centers, a physician practice in the Dutch town of Nijkerk, presented excellent Quadruple Aim results of the Pulmonary Care in the beginning of 2020. Basis of the work is a three-year shared savings contract realised by OptiMedis Nederland with Zilveren Kruis that included explicit targets with respect to health outcomes and total care consumption including COPD related hospital care for the Nijkerk population.

During the three-year contract the total costs of chronic lung care for all inhabitants of Nijkerk were approximately 1 million lower than the (national) reference. Patients report better care through more time and collaboration of caregivers and also better health and less shortness of breath resulting in fewer hospital admissions. The Nijkerk Health Centers are using the savings to further expand the program to diabetes and cardiac care, with plans to offer fully integrated care in the more distant future.