OptiMedis-Cobic: Successful on the Health Systems Support Framework

Through our UK joint venture OptiMedis-COBIC UK (OMC) we work with local health and care partners across the UK as they come together to take on responsibility for population health and developing integrated care systems. We particularly focus on the ‘integrator’ function which is essential for the successful delivery of integrated care.

NHS England is proposing to accelerate progress towards integrating care for existing integrated care systems. However, it rightly recognises the NHS does not have all the skills, capabilities, tools and experience to deliver this transformation and has therefore established the broadest ever array of commercial partners to help NHS leaders to achieve integration.

lots nhs frameworkOMC has been appointed to provide support to 7 lots of the Health Systems Support Framework. Picture: OMC











We are delighted that OM-C has been extremely successful in its application and has been appointed by the NHS to provide support to 7 lots of the Health Systems Support Framework.

We believe that the detailed process of delivering primary care and community orientated population health management and a new kind of NHS contract can reverse the pattern of the past and can in fact bring communities and all staff together around a common goal of better, fairer health outcomes delivered more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

The values of OMC align closely with the NHS because we share its long-term commitment to create a stable system based on enabling healthier lives. We have an extensive track record of working with GPs and all parts of the NHS. By contrast with most of the companies and consulting firms on the framework that are not able, or do not wish to, commit to equity partnerships with new integrated care providers, we can, and we will.

Read more about what we offer in the new brochure of OptiMedis-COBIC UK.

OM C broschure