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20. bis 22. September 2023 in Wien

29th International HPH-Conference

  • Hybrid
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The Role of Health Promotion in Well-being-oriented Healthcare

The experiences of the early 21st century have unequivocally raised awareness for the global interconnectedness of our personal lives and our societies in general. Multidimensional crises, with significant impact on social and individual health and well-being, increasingly require responses based on co-operation, the building of new relations, and the exchange of tools and techniques. These demands have been captured by the ideas stated in the WHO Geneva Charter for Well-Being (2021), the latest formulation of the health promotion ideals, emphasizing stronger than ever the personal and social interdependencies.

The Charter impresses on the importance of social determinants, on equity, participation, and the effects of well-being on a peaceful and healthy development of society. It calls for a deliberation of the way digital communication impacts individual health both in the way of opportunities and challenges. The Charter promotes ecological awareness and points out how our health and healthcare systems are connected to our physical surroundings and the natural world. We find the significance of well-being and health in general boosted in a world of ongoing crises and are challenged to learn and grow to overcome exclusion and social division.

Against this backdrop, the 29th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services addresses the role of health promotion in well-being-oriented healthcare.