MyDoks Project Wins Award for Healthcare Network Employees

Preis für Gesundheitsnetzwerker2017f.l.t.r. Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander P. F. Ehlers, Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch (Universität Witten-Herdecke), Dr. h. c. Helmut Hildebrandt (OptiMedis AG), Ingo Meyer (Gesundes Kinzigtal) und Gudrun Schaich-Walch at the award presentation in Berlin.

Strengthening empowerment through data ownership, patient activation and self-management – this core concept in the MyDoks project received special praise from the jury when the project received an award for healthcare workers (idea category) in Berlin. In terms of the project “MyDoks – patient empowerment through a jointly managed patient record”, conducted across Germany, patients should initially be given access to their medical data and doctors‘ entries. The implementation of the project will be based on the electronic patient records already in use across the whole of Kinzigtal in Baden-Württemberg. The pioneer project which is awarded with € 7.500 will be launched as soon as the required funds are provided. MyDoks was initiated by Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH, OptiMedis AG and Professor Tobias Esch from the Faculty of Health at the University of Witten / Herdecke, who had been part of the research team for the Harvard-project “Open Notes” that investigated the effect of Open Notes on patient and physician experience. Since the pilot with 50,000 patients in 2010, the project has expanded to now cover over 12 million US-citizens. “We enjoyed heightened media interest as a result of the awards ceremony. This, in turn, shows how urgently transparency and digitalization in the healthcare system need to be advanced. The project offers great opportunities to strengthen the health literacy level of the population and ultimately their active participation in the process as owners of their data,“ emphasizes Dr Helmut Hildebrandt, who would like, in the longer term, to make the solution accessible to other regions.