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France: Eurometropolis of Strasbourg aims to implement the OptiMedis model

OptiMedis is expanding its work in France. We have been providing conceptual support to the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg since 2019. At the French government’s national innovation competition “Territoires d`Innovation”, Eurometropolis was awarded the contract for a major project aimed at improving prevention and care in the region, functioning as a pilot for general further development of the French health system (which we have reported on). The Eurometropolis of Strasbourg has now formally commissioned OptiMedis to implement this project.

Over the next four years, OptiMedis will support the Eurometropolis with advice, data analysis, and the conceptual development of regional forms of care based on the OptiMedis model, all of which will then be put into practice. A potential analysis is currently being carried out; this analysis details the specific context in the partner region on the basis of socio-demographic and health-related data, and identifies relevant actors and regions with particular requirements and development potential. Data merging is of particular importance here, as, up until now, inpatient and outpatient data in France have not been paired up and therefore were not able to be analysed alongside one another.

Implementation planned in the Saverne and Strasbourg region

The second phase will start in 2021. On the basis of the data we obtain, we will then develop concrete integrated approaches to care in the context of France, with focus being placed on quality assurance in health care, case management, and primary and secondary prevention strategies. Based on the potential analysis, existing care offers will be optimised and new ones will be conceived. As part of this work, we will pursue the Quadruple Aim approach, based on the work of Donald M. Berwick, with the following four goals in mind: best possible state of health, better health care experience, greater actor satisfaction in the health care system and increased profitability. The bedrock should be an organisational model for a local health company that is tailored to regional requirements and embedded in the partner structures, and that is able to optimise the health of the population in a sustainable way in accordance with the OptiMedis “Shared Savings” model.

In the third phase of the project, the model will then be implemented in the Saverne region and in one of Strasbourg’s urban districts. The French state has already announced its willingness to make a seven-figure co-investment towards the start-up phase of this project through its “Caisse d’Impôts” investment fund.