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10. August 2017

BonVenture invests six-digit amount in OptiMedis

Following an intense business model evaluation, the Munich-based BonVenture Group invested a large six-digit amount to promote the development of OptiMedis AG.

Impact-based investment  for the development of sustainable, patient-oriented healthcare

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Following an intense business model evaluation, the Munich-based BonVenture Group invested a large six-digit amount of its BonVenture III social entrepreneurship fund to promote the development of OptiMedis AG.

OptiMedis AG is a healthcare management company which develops and implements innovative and future-oriented models for sustainable healthcare. This first closing is to be followed by a second closing between BonVenture and other investors before early 2018. OptiMedis AG is already in talks with potential investors who also support social entrepreneurs.

OptiMedis AG focuses on establishing regional, patient-oriented healthcare networks together with municipalities, hospitals, doctors, social institutions, and other regional partners in Germany and Europe.  The organisation participates in the respective regional management enterprises on-site, links partners, establishes the necessary structures, assumes managerial tasks, and analyses the healthcare data. The goal is to improve the structures and processes in the healthcare system and hence the quality of healthcare, as well as to enable and entice the public to assume greater responsibility for their health.

“Through this investment, we want to contribute to the implementation of the innovative and tested healthcare model by OptiMedis in further regions and thus benefit people all over Germany”, explains BonVenture’s partner, Jochen Herdrich. “We are convinced by the well-founded healthcare model as well as the scientific, competent, and motivated management of OptiMedis.”

The evaluation results from the past years show that the healthcare model of OptiMedis AG achieves its goals. It improves the health status of the regional population, increases the satisfaction of patients and healthcare providers, and helps save unnecessary costs. OptiMedis AG and its regional management companies are hereby rewarded based on their success and according to an innovative financing model of health insurance companies. This model creates an incentive for all participants to keep their region as healthy as possible, as opposed to accounting for as many services as possible, as it is the case with the current remuneration system.

Growth plans: scale-up of the healthcare model, expansion of the healthcare research, development of a digital & health innovation centre

BonVenture’s investment has taken OptiMedis AG into a new growth phase. “This investment, together with other planned investments, will help us prepare the scale-up of our care model in Germany and in Europe at large, further expand the analysis of healthcare data for health insurance companies, universities, and medical networks, as well as establish a digital & health innovation centre for evaluation of innovations in the healthcare sector”, explains Dr. h. c. Helmut Hildebrandt, founder and chairman of the management board of OptiMedis AG.

The most popular engagement of OptiMedis AG is “Gesundes Kinzigtal” in Southern Baden ( Here, the integrated healthcare system has been running successfully for ten years and has enjoyed international recognition as a flagship project. Since January 2017, OptiMedis AG has been working to establish the “Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn” healthcare network in two socially disadvantaged districts in Hamburg ( The project is funded by the innovation fund of the Joint National Committee and evaluated scientifically just like “Gesundes Kinzigtal”. OptiMedis AG has also established joint ventures in other European countries – the Netherlands ( and England ( – with more to come.

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Contact – OptiMedis AG for investors

Dr. Alexander Pimperl
Vice Chairman of the Board

Telephone: +49 40 22621149-49
Mobile: +49 172 5279355

Press images

Printable press images from the board of directors of OptiMedis AG and the BonVenture partner, Jochen Herdrich, can be downloaded in the newsroom. 

About OptiMedis AG

OptiMedis AG is a healthcare management company which specializes in the establishment and running of innovative healthcare systems. Together with service providers and health insurance companies, it develops tailor-made solutions for integrated (full) health cover of entire populations, focusing on close networking, prevention, and performance-based remuneration. It also analyses data from health insurance companies as well as from other sources and processes these in compliance with data privacy regulations. OptiMedis AG is a shareholder of Gesundes Kinzigtal GmbH and Gesundheit für Billstedt/Horn UG (limited liability).

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About BonVenture Management GmbH

BonVenture was founded in 2003 to support companies with social venture capital, resolve societal deficiencies and drawbacks, as well as promote social well-being. As a partner of social entrepreneurs, BonVenture supports them with capital, know-how, and contacts. It provides guidance during establishment and development of the organization and thus promotes development and dissemination of innovative approaches in the social and ecological field. BonVenture was the first to take up this approach in the German speaking region, is the first officially registered manager of European Social Funds (EuSEF), and currently manages funds with a volume of close to 40 million euros with which it has supported over 30 social enterprises.

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BonVenture Management GmbH
Jochen Herdrich, Partner
Pettenkoferstr. 37
80336 München

Telephone: +49 89 2000125-42

Press contact at OptiMedis AG

Britta Horwege
Head of Corporate Communications

Telephone: +49 40 22621149-52
Mobile: +49 157 35145620